Corona virus  and how we are responding

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25th March Update

29th March Update

We Are Responding To Demand In Line With Government Advice

As a responsible gas and heating company in Leighton Buzzard we pride ourselves on being able to respond to our customer needs and demands. That applies in both "peace time" and during times of war such as we are facing with the Coronavirus. As a society we are are facing an unprecedented attack on on our health, those who contract and fall ill through the virus, fall very ill very quickly and in many cases it results in premature death.

We continue to monitor government and World Health Organisations advice and we are responding accordingly. There is a question mark over whether we as gas and heating engineers in Leighton Buzzard are classed as "key workers" following the publication of the government list which can be found here. We currently take the view that whilst we are not a supplier of Gas like EON, we do carry out a vital function when repairing gas appliances. This repair could be not only for safety reasons, but to provide heating and hot water which is vital in combating the virus through basic hygiene such as hand washing.

During the buildup to the position we find ourselves in today, we have been contacting our customers to make sure they are not experiencing any coronavirus symptoms and that they agree to us working in their property, whilst observing basic hygiene. Understandably, we have had a lot of cancellations and whilst this will have a detrimental effect on our income, we fully understand and respect their decision.

We have taken the decision not to take any further bookings for routine maintenance

Please be aware that in light of the government figures that indicate we are now at a critical stage of trying to contain the virus, unless your gas appliance has broken down or you believe it to be in a unsafe condition (for example your carbon monoxide alarm, if you have one, has activated), we will not be attending to any routine maintenance or servicing of any gas appliances. If you have a water leak that you cannot contain and is causing damage to your property, or if you have an unvented hot water cylinder which you believe to be faulty, we will attend.

Please be assured, if we do attend we will be taking all necessary precautions to limit or prevent any further spread from either one of us. We will be using sanitising gel before we enter, wash our hands on entry and clean the area of work after. We will also wash our hands on leaving as well as personal protection equipment such as face masks.

We are a small company with just two of us so this will have a big impact on us financially. We don't know how long this will last but we hope in the coming weeks we will start to see a "flattening of the curve" and return to business as usual.

Thank you for your understanding

Updated 25th March 2020

We are continuing to monitor the guidelines issued by the Government and in light of the PMs' message on Monday 23rd March 2020, our position HAS NOT changed. We are not taking any routine work on, only emergencies where you are left without heating and/or hot water. This is the advice from the Cabinet Minister Michael Gove on the 24th March 2020. He stated when asked about fixing a boiler, that to keep people safe is essential work, anything else should not be carried out. This has been reinforced by the housing minister this morning.

Please be assured, we will be taking all precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 if we visit your property, and we will expect you to do the same. We consider it irresponsible to attend a property for routine maintenance, so please do not be offended if we refuse to attend.

Update 29th March 2020

As of the 28th March 2020, the UK death rate from coronavirus, or COV-19, is 1019 across the UK. That is a 34.25% increase compares to a 31.31% increase the day before. This is a clear indication that the virus has taken further hold and is continuing to kill people. The government advice continues to be, amongst other things, that we should all stay at home unless you are unable to work from home and your trip is essential.

Whilst we are not carrying out routine maintenance, we are still able to come and fix your boilers or deal with any leaks that are causing damage to your home or is likely to cause damage. Gas leaks will be attended to at all times whilst water leaks that can be contained temporarily will not be attended to.

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